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The Digital Learning Materials site contains a variety of teaching and learning curriculum components, created, primarily, by the Internet Learning Community Projects in IU's Phase II.

The Scholar’s Box work began in Phase II and continues today, working to implement online tools that will allow teachers, students, and researchers to gather, organize and share resources in the environment of desk-top and Internet computing.

IU/CDL collaboration, formally initiated in 2003, is a key partnership, and a source of IU support for the Scholar's Box development effort.

The City|Watershed Project, funded in Fall 2003, is gearing up—see July's lead story. It aims to bring computer technologies to the established watershed education and restoration programs of its Bay Area partners.

Finally, in the right-most column, there are new links to campus and affiliate sites. And for those who wish to make a permanent link to an IU Home page or News page (which change the first Tuesday of every month) a persistent link has now been added to each of these pages.

March 2006 IU News Update

The IU News continues on break – as first announced here in the lead story last June.

In February 2005 the IU News lead story reported on plans to form a new group within Information Systems and Technology (IST) at UC Berkeley. This new group will merge the Interactive University (IU) and the Museum Informatics Project (MIP) into a single organization focused on providing services that help the UC Berkeley community share its knowledge and collections for the benefit of scholarship and public service.

Internet and information technologies continue to evolve, making it easier for faculty, students, staff, K-12 educators, and the public to make use of UC digital resources. New tools and architectures increase opportunities to share these resources, and to foster collaborations on-campus and off. New practices develop as people integrate these innovations into their work. However, barriers remain - technological, institutional, and cultural - that prevent faculty and other members of the UC Berkeley community from using and sharing digital resources to their fullest advantage. The goal of the new group is to lower these barriers.

Organizational restructuring nears completion. Steps to implement new services will be put in place during the next six months. In its new role, the group will continue to work in partnership with departments, units, and programs on the Berkeley campus, and in community-campus collaborations.

Look for our new "face" on the web later in 2006. Until then, you may read a sampling of news and events that were covered in the IU News during the 2004/2005 academic year. And at any time you can read all archived issues of the IU News here.

. . . Continue on to the IU News page to read highlights from 2005 issues of the News.

What is the IU?

The Interactive University Project uses the Internet to open UC Berkeley's unique resources and people to California’s K-12 schools and citizens. Our goal is to use technology to democratize the content and community of the campus.

IU activities are coordinated by
UC Berkeley's IS&T
 Information Systems and Technology.

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